Benefits of HDTV

Published: 31st August 2010
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High Definition Television or HDTV as itís popularly known has been around since the 1930ís. So, why is there sudden surge in appetite for HDTV content?

HDTV defines the picture quality or the resolution of the video content. Your television picture is made of thousands of dots known as pixels. HDTV pixel strength is approximately 5 times that of the current Standard Definition TV (SDTV) content. HDTV content is transmitted in digital format.

Till a few years back, the technology available to record, transmit and receive HDTV content was expensive. Media and entertainment industry did not find the commercial viability till recent advancements in mass storage devices, compression techniques and more efficient transmission modes became available. As the market for HDTV gets popular, television companies are also able to lower their cost of production due to economies of scale; thereby, making HDTV sets within the reach of the consumers.

With increased resolution, you will soon start enjoying the finer details in your HDTV. You might see a distant flower which might have looked blurred in SD or the blush on your daughterís cheeks which you missed on your SDTV.

High resolution sources like a brightly lit scene that you are shooting on your high definition camera will look much clearer than those shot with a normal video camera and plays perfectly on HDTV.

HDTVís have an aspect ratio of 16:9, which means, the width of the TV is 16 units and height is 9 units. Peripheral vision is used much more with a wide TV and you get a feeling that you are in the picture and get a movie theatre experience from the comfort of your home. Wider picture also means you get to watch more details in one frame which will be great for a sports buff.

Since content is transmitted in digital format, the audio quality is also enhanced and most HDTVís come with 5.1 channel surround sound.

Unlike normal televisions, where one set of horizontal lines are scanned in one frame and then interlaced with the other set in the next frame, HDTVs progressively scan the picture on to the frame providing for a much sharper picture and lesser viewer eye fatigue.

With more high tech digital media like gaming consoles and storage for high quality video readily available, standard definition equipments may very soon be outdated and will not have technologies supporting their functioning.

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